Sunday, February 1, 2009

How luxurious it is to have a whole blog set up just for the purpose of redirecting here!


  1. Haha! Thanks for making chatting with you easier. (I'm so lazy.) And I get to be your first follower.

    I saw you post about the old buildings and their sad fate. It's nice to know that it isn't just an American disease, but, as you say, it will bite them in the end. (Pun sadly intended.) Tourists love Oldee Tymee Stuffe--or at least I do. You should take a look at the Jane Austen's World blog if you already haven't. There's a recent post about the only remaining Georgian street in London and what is going to happen to it. I would have expected London to have more respect for it's venerable history, but I guess b*stards are b*stards, excuse my French. There's a blogroll with the site listed on Heather's site.

    Off to work. Happy Monday!

  2. Thank you for being my first follower! I did see the articles about the Georgian street; what a shame that is! Thank goodness they won't be taking down the buildings (just effectively destroying their foundations!!). I guess things like that used to happen in Boston all the time too, but well before my day. One can only imagine the damage that was done by the building of all those highways, especially the ones through Charlestown! And it's hard to believe how different the West End and the area around Faneuil Hall would have been before the 1960s. It's frustrating that redevelopers feel they need to destroy so many irreplacable buildings!

    On the positive side, I tried the London Fog latte at Starbucks! They asked me if I wanted it made "the new way or the old way" which confused me a bit, but whatever I got, it was good!

  3. Hmmm, now I'll have to ask my Starbucks people what the difference is. I'm in there almost every day on my way to work and they can read me like a book. Grande latte, non fat, no foam, extra hot. I think I probably mutter it in my sleep.

    I'm from San Francisco, so the buildings only go back to 1907 for the most part. There's a line through the city where the earthquake/fire damage stopped, so there are a few older buildings, but not the same style as Boston. No brick, lots of nice flammable wood instead. I spent time in Boston in the 1990's when I had a friend teaching at the museum school (that's how old I am) and am sure it has changed even more since the Dig.

    Of course, my idea of a gorgeous town is Bath!

  4. Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for following/commenting my blog. Unfortunately, China's media censorship blocks livejournal, so I can't read your stuff :( I feel awful..

  5. Oh okay, sorry I'm taking back my last comment because I can totally just read you in my google reader, and comment you here.

    So my first comment is, Re: Prince Edward sings my tune:
    Canada rules!
    ..but that might only be because I'm Canadian.

  6. Thanks for looking at my blog!

    As for Canada ruling, you might be saying that because you're not in Canada. You said on your blog the other day that it was 16C where you are, right? It was about -5C here today. And that was considered warm. So, I think Prince Edward was pretty close to the mark. But I'm also bitter, because I too am Canadian, and I tried to move to America but couldn't get my visa extended... which should actually make me bitter towards America, but it hasn't. Where in Canada are you from? I'm from Ontario.

  7. Wooow you look amazing <3

    Wanna follow each other? Regards!